Chief Keef’s GBE Associate, Capo, Posts Video To Vine Of Himself Receiving Top

Sex tapes apparently are a Glory Boyz fetish.

Just weeks after Chief Keef teased fans with a snippet of his sexual exploits on the Hang W/ app, GBE member Capo release footage of his own sex tape.

Chief Keef posted footage of Capo receiving oral sex by an unidentified female onto his video app Vine.

“CapGettinTopByALilThot,” Keef wrote on Twitter before posting the video titled “#Top.”

It is no secret Keef loves to post images of his sexual prowess onto his social media applications.

Chief Keef, born Keith Cozart, shocked fans after debuting his “Porn” video via the Hang W/ application.

“Tonight It Aint Hang W Its Porn W Be Lookin Out 5mins,” he wrote.

The O’Block native made good on his word. Keef showed footage of his sexcapade, which was captured on his smartphone device.

Chief Keef, 17, previously caught flack for uploading sexual images via his Instagram account. The rapper showed himself receiving oral sex from an unidentified female.

His account was subsequently shut down.

“F**k instagram dey took my sh*t again,” he tweeted.

Instagram has a strict policy against nude or sexually suggestive photos.

What are your thoughts’ on Chief Keef’s actions? Sound off below.

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12 Responses to Chief Keef’s GBE Associate, Capo, Posts Video To Vine Of Himself Receiving Top

  1. Anonymous says:


  2. patman says:

    top from a thot

  3. Beauty is her name says:

    uggh he should have kept that lil azz thing to himself

  4. Rebecca says:


  5. HP Michigan says:


  6. lady ty says:

    That vine video was shorter than his dick lol

  7. Anonymous says:


  8. bVd B!tch says:

    i saw that shit yesterday. capo got a baby dick

  9. Erica says:

    thats crazy!!!

  10. Harlem Bred says:

    he need to put dat thing away

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